Moving to Münster

Most readers of my blog are likely aware of my plans to start Ph.D. work later this year at the Institut für neutestamentliche Textforschung in Münster. Of course this means I will be packing up and moving shortly with my whole family to Germany. Since I have now been stymied for the past few weeks in my every attempt to complete a timely blog post, I thought I should post this brief explanation. As the move is just weeks away, it appears for now that I will be dealing mainly with practicalities such as preparing the house to rent, selling things that are no longer needed, and packing the rest. I will also continue looking for a place to live in Münster. I still hope to catch a few breaks to finish my next post on Bezae’s Lukan genealogy.

2 thoughts on “Moving to Münster

    • Thank you, Timothy! Certainly, there is a lot more to say on Bezae and the “Western” text. I hope to have a post shortly on Bezae’s Lukan genealogy, which is conformed to Matthew’s list of names rearranged in Luke’s order. After this, I was hoping to comment on the literary integrity discerned in Bezae’s readings by commentators such as Rius-Camps and Read-Heimerdinger and its implications for the date of Bezae’s text.

      I appreciate your interest in my blog!


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