Article published on the angry Jesus reading in Mark 1:41

I have published a new article on the angry Jesus reading in Mark 1:41, which appears in the latest issue of Tyndale Bulletin. The article is posted here.

This well-known reading, in which Jesus becomes angry at a leper he is about to heal, has been the subject of a number of articles and essays over the past few decades, many claiming that the reading’s difficulty makes it all but certain to have appeared in the tradition before the current mainstream reading.

8 thoughts on “Article published on the angry Jesus reading in Mark 1:41

    • I would agree on P45. For lacunose witnesses the relationships are sensitive to just a few extra agreements at the sampled passages. P45 is extant at only 25 of 189 test passages, so conclusions from its relationships must be treated as tentative.

      Thanks for the link! As you’ll notice, my aim is not to explain the reading, but to point out issues in handling the evidence. Still the question of origins is a fascinating and relevant inquiry.

  1. Pete,
    I did just see the article you mention! While I appreciate your disclaimer, the thought never crossed my mind that the papers were not independent.

    Let me reiterate here what I said on academia. This paper was well written, superbly researched and documented. The argument, in my opinion, was compelling and should finally stop the momentum for the more difficult reading. Of course, I am an external documentation advocate so I am probably biased!

    Thanks again for the blog and the Academia article.


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